Facilitation of Expert Group Workshop on Framing Development Solutions for Urbanization in Africa in Kigali, Rwanda

This workshop was designed specifically for the staff of UNDP and UNHABITAT working on urban development issues in Africa. It aimed at enriching the regional normative standards and understanding of urban accelerators to economic transformation in Africa – including security, land rights, governance, social and economic development- with a view to providing guidance on what needs to change with the way the urban sector is governed in Africa to bring about positive economic transformation. Specifically, the workshop was designed to create a framework for cooperation and joint-work to leverage both organizations’ strengths and networks. To this end, Eparque Urban Strategies developed a framework for the workshop, which included policy arenas and crosscutting topics and the participants were asked to work in groups to debate and comment of the content and agree on a shared vision for the cooperation framework. The Expert Group Workshop was attended by some of the most renowned thinkers and leaders on Africa’s urbanization in addition to the urban sector experts of UNHABITAT and UNDP.